Fastdecks, Inc.

What does Fastdecks do?

FASTDECKS furnishes and erects the concrete formwork on your project.

FASTDECKS brings experienced supervision and job planning to your project, affording you a guaranteed labor and material cost to form structural slabs, beams, columns, shearwalls and edges above the sub-grade foundation work.

FASTDECKS provides an engineered forming system, complete with field erection drawings for coordination and review by your field engineers.

What can Fastdecks do for you?

With FASTDECKS on the job, your superintendent is relieved of the burdens of formwork purchasing, shipping, specialized job supervision and labor costs.

FASTDECKS works with your field engineer to verify key formwork elevations and lines prior to the concrete pour.

The FASTDECKS team allows the general contractor to fully utilize his hoisting and material moving equipment required on the project for best overall cost of formwork, re-steel and placing of concrete.

What about costs?

FASTDECKS works with architects, structural engineers, and contractors, estimating formwork costs in the preliminary and bid stages as an integral part of the construction team required for economically successful concrete frame projects.

Why should you choose Fastdecks?

Since 1964, FASTDECKS has worked with major general contractors solving the nuts-and-bolts, day-to-day problems of formwork construction general contractors would like to do without.

With FASTDECKS on the job, the general contractor can zero in on the overall project without the added pressure of handling men and material related to placing and removing formwork systems.

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